Group Buying For Real Estate

Group buying is back, and is coming back in a big way. For many in China the only way they will by things is through group buying, especially via the Internet when they feel like they are getting a deal. Even Facebook has now launched a group buying feature for members so that they can get discounts on things that their friends are buying. Mercedes Benz even used group buying to sell over 200 cars in a few hours over the Internet. So how can you apply this trend to help you real estate investing business?For a start the most obvious way to consider using group buying to accelerate your real estate investing is to advertise discounts for those who purchase multiple properties from you. Imagine if you could sell three or four properties at a time instead of one or two? Certainly you would still come out way on top even if you cut a few thousand dollars off of the price of each of them. What if you bundled them in batches of 10 or more?

Perhaps you could use the same strategy in reverse and partner with several others looking to get into real estate investing and get some serious discounts on purchasing multiple properties from a bank in bulk or buying out another investors portfolio. This can also work wonders when it comes to marketing. If you are just starting out in the real estate investing business you will find that many marketing agencies have minimum order requirements especially when it comes to Internet leads, direct mail and print advertising. What if you team up with other investors so that you could spread your marketing over several channels instead of having to put all of your eggs into one basket?

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