Get Set for Spring Cleaning

images-2Spring has arrived and with it one of the most popular times of the year for buying and selling houses, whether you are considering listing your home or it just needs a freshen up after winter, a spring clean could be just what you need.  A good spring clean can help to fully air out your home, making it a nicer environment to for you to enjoy and make it more appealing to your new potential buyers. Although you may take excellent care of your home throughout the year, here are a few tips and tricks to help with those areas that seem be forgotten or neglected.

Baseboards- This is one area of the floor which is usually missed, but it doesn’t need to be recoated in paint to be given a bright finish. Make sure you wait to clean your baseboards until after your floors are done or bits of debris or dust may be transferred to your newly cleaned baseboards. Your vacuum cleaners brush attachment can be very useful to remove any surface dust, and then an all-purpose spray detergent or cleaner will bring them to a lovely shine.

Walls- Although many people are tempted to freshen up their walls with a fresh coat of paint or new wall coverings, this is not always necessary. Walls can be given a fresh appearance with a simple clean. You may get into the corners for cobwebs during your usual cleaning routine, but you could try using your vacuum cleaners brush attachment to fully dust the walls. Once any surface dust is removed, wipe the walls down with a cloth soaked in an all-purpose cleaner or detergent. Make sure you wring out any excess liquid and don’t be tempted to use a spray cleaner directly on the walls as you could end up with streaks.

Ceiling fans and lighting-It is amazing how freshly cleaned light fittings will immediately make your home feel lighter and brighter. Dust off any debris with your vacuum cleaner attachments and freshen up with all-purpose cleaner. For ceiling fans, there is no need to dismantle them for a good spring clean. Use an old pillowcase to get a great finish by spraying a cleaning solution on the inside, placing it over each blade then wiping the full length of both sides.

Windows- Now is a great time to give the frames, glass and screens a good clean. There are many glass cleaning products available, but a simple mix of one part vinegar and one part dish detergent diluted with water will produce a great streak free finish. You can just use it with a microfiber cloth and dry with some kitchen paper.

Window screens can sometimes be a bit of a chore, but the best way to fully remove all the screens and wash them outside in your yard with a garden hose, a soft brush and a bit of all-purpose cleaner. Make sure you label all the screens and fittings as you remove the screens which will make rehanging them much easier. Be careful when cleaning the actual screen and use your brush gently. You can also take this opportunity to repair any winter damage to the screens before you rehang them.

Outside- Now you’re fully in the spring cleaning frame of mind, why not clean your driveway and siding. If you have a power washer you can quickly refresh the outside of your home, just be careful not to damage the paintwork of your siding, if your power washer is very intense. If in doubt you could simply use a long handled softer brush with warm and soapy water.

Even if you are not thinking of listing your home, a good spring clean will have your home feeling fresh and it means you can fully enjoy it for the rest of the year.

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