Home Staging Tips and Tricks

imagesWhether you are only just considering listing your home, or it’s been sat on the market for a little while, many homeowners consider home staging to entice viewers. However home staging is a little more complicated than just selecting a neutral color palate for your walls, so here a few tips and tricks to make home staging work for you.

  • Highlight The Space

This is by far the best strategy possible to showcase your home to its best potential. Allowing viewers to see how open and spacious your home is, can really add interest. To make the best use of space, clear out any excess furniture which may be making the rooms appear cluttered. Although you may need several couches to seat the whole family when they arrive for a holiday visit, you won’t need them for everyday use. Pack up any excess belongings, furniture or seasonal clothes for storage. Don’t be tempted to cram them into your basement or garage as potential buyers will need to view these areas, so ask family and friends for assistance with storage space, or consider temporarily using a storage unit.

  • Define Each Room

We are all guilty of having a multipurpose to some rooms of the house, but to showcase successfully, each room needs a clear single purpose. Bedrooms should carry a relaxing, inviting atmosphere, so a treadmill or piece of gym equipment in the corner of the room will be a distraction. Bathrooms should feel like you would see in a nice hotel, sparkling clean, bright and with all personal toiletries hidden away.

  • Avoid Making Rooms Sterile

A common mistake many people make when staging their home is to make their homes too sterile and bland. Although you want to neutralize the home, you want it to also be warm and welcoming. Consider refreshing your paintwork with a neutral color palate but use ornamental touches and soft furnishings for accents of color. To make each room bright and airy, fully open all blinds and drapes for maximum natural light. The use of mirrors can be fantastic to reflect natural light and make the room feel spacious.

  • Avoid Sense of Smell Overload

Although you want to eliminate any pet odors or smells of cooking, many people try too hard to create a welcoming scent. We have all tried baking cookies or brewing coffee but sometimes this can make a potential buyer worry you are trying to hide something. Scents should be used sparingly and should complement the features of your home. If your home has plenty of natural wood features a touch of pine scent achieve a lovely atmosphere, but it would seem out of place in a contemporary home with glass and metals. You should also tailor the scent to the season, so avoid winter spicy smells in spring. Overloading or selecting the wrong scent can have a distracting effect on your potential buyer, so if in doubt ensure your home is cleaned thoroughly and ask an honest opinion from a family member or friend.

  • Update your listing

Most important of all, especially if your home has been listed for a while, when you have gone to the trouble of staging your home, make sure you take new photographs and update your listing with your real estate agent.

Home staging can be very effective in helping you sell your home quickly and for the best price. Following these few little tips and tricks will see you well on the way to welcoming new potential buyers.

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