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House movingWith the busiest time of the year for buying and selling of homes almost upon us, with all the details of home staging, open houses and organizing finance, many people make the mistake of failing to plan their home move. Moving home can be a very arduous task but a making a few simple preparations in advance can eliminate some of the stress so you can fully enjoy your new home.

Book your moving company well in advance

Especially at this time of the year, moving companies can be very busy. You want to ensure you pick the correct firm to provide the best service for you, so it is best to give them the maximum amount of notice.

Try to plan for some extra time.

If possible try to allow some overlap between closing on your new home and vacating your old home. This gives you the opportunity to organize any works, fit new carpets, decorate or get any services connected before all your belongings are moved. Any home improvements will be far easier and quicker to accomplish when you don’t have boxes and furniture in the way.

Life laundry

We have all moved home only to unpack boxes of unwanted items. It seems so silly to pack up and move with any belongings that no you no longer want or need. Take the time now to look at these things before you move and decide what things should go in the trash, could go to charity or could be sold at a yard sale.

Plan your new space

It is very easy to imagine where you would like your couch or dining set to go in your new home, but it is far better to take some measurements of doorways and room dimensions and where power or phone and cable outlets are located to avoid problems. You can then definitively know exactly where you want your furniture will be situated on moving day. If curtains or window fixtures are not included as part of the sale, measuring the windows in advance will mean you can purchase new ones to give you some immediate privacy.

Arrange utilities

This is the issue which usually gets neglected but the more notice you can give your utility companies, the more simple it will be. Your phone company may especially need extra time to get you connected.

Start collecting boxes

Although they are readily available, buying boxes and packing materials can get very expensive. Start collecting boxes from your local grocery store or office supplies stores. Save up newspapers and packing materials and ask friends to do the same as they make a great alternative to bubble wrap.

Pack essentials separately

To ensure a smooth move make sure you keep a box of essentials in your car in case the movers are delayed. Keep all important paperwork in a folder with you.

Clean up

Try to clean as you pack each box to make it easier at your new home. Make sure you thoroughly clean your rental home so you don’t risk your security deposit. Try to give your new home a clean as you unpack each area, then you can relax and enjoy your new home.


  1. It is anything but difficult to envision where you might want your love seat or feasting set to go in your new home, however it is obviously better to take a few estimations of entryways and room measurements and where power or telephone and link outlets are situated to maintain a strategic distance from issues.

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