Making the Best Feature Out of Your Garage

With the most popular real estate season almost upon us, so many sellers spend their time ensuring that their yard is immaculately presented, their windows are bright and sparkling and their homes interior is perfectly staged and yet the garage stands forgotten. Even if you don’t fully use your garage, it is a highly sought […]

Group Buying For Real Estate

Group buying is back, and is coming back in a big way. For many in China the only way they will by things is through group buying, especially via the Internet when they feel like they are getting a deal. Even Facebook has now launched a group buying feature for members so that they can […]

Its All About Presentation!

A solid and relevant real estate education course should not just teach you about the mechanics of flipping houses but about what really separates successful real estate investors from those who never seem to get off the ground. How you present yourself and your business both on and offline can make all the difference in […]

Powerful Lead Sources For The Rest of 2012

Those real estate investing companies looking for powerful new sources of buyers and investors will find plenty if you look far enough afield. While CNN Money predicted that 2012 will really turn the corner this year for it making more sense to own than rent, much of the home sale volume in the US will […]

Mobile Marketing For Real Estate Investing

We are set to see the real turnaround in the housing market. Social media marketing through Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are essentials, real estate investing businesses must also embrace mobile marketing to stay ahead of the competition. There are several ways to to utilize mobile marketing for real estate investing. Text to mobile marketing has […]

How Profitable Can Real Estate Investing Really Be?

Real estate attracts thousands of new hopeful entrepreneurs each year with the promise of bigchecks, but what can you really expect to get out of it?Of course there a many ways to get involved in the real estate business. Some choose to start out as real estate agents hoping to gain additional knowledge and increase […]

Why Would A Private Money Lender Invest With You?

It seems that almost everyone in the real estate investing game is chasing after private money lenders these days. It is obvious to see why. Between the speed of closing, lower interest rates and ability to get better terms on deals it is no wonder. Though what makes you stand out from the crowd and […]

Do Real Estate Statistics Really Matter For Investors?

Every day it seems there is a new report, survey or set of real estate statistics released. Then it seems like they constantly contradict themselves. On news headline says that we are seeing great improvements, and the next day we here it is all doom and gloom again and we are still in for the […]

The Easy Way To Attract Private Money Lenders

The last few months have seen a surge in real estate investing launching new websites and marketing campaigns aimed at landing new private lenders and raising funds for expansion. In the past private money lenders have proved to be an essential ingredient for leveraging real estate investing deals, enabling investors to cash in on deals […]

Tips For Launching Your Social Media Marketing

You may be able to build a profitable real estate investing business without social media marketing. Certainly some of the greatest investors of all time never had social media networks in their most successful periods. However if you really want to enable your business to last for the long run, maximize profits and ROI and […]